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Creating Confidence When You're The "First" Or "Only"

In 90 minutes, participants will walk away learning:

✔ A simple formula for making strategic decisions even when you're feeling "out of your element"

✔ Why traditional methods of building confidence don't work

✔ The single question to ask yourself and your teams when self-doubt or uncertainty are wreaking havoc

Leading yourself and others can be difficult even before factoring in a pandemic, staffing shortages, budget reductions, and distributed teams.

When you add being the FIRST or ONLY and feel out of your comfort zone, it all but guarantees you'll waste even more time and energy on self-doubt.

If second-guessing, playing small, or "faking it" get in your way, this session will deliver immediate, actionable results.

Bring Creating Confidence When You're The First Or Only to your group or organization.

We go beyond theory and concepts so you can take immediate action with what you learn.

- Asia

Newest 2-Hour Workshop Option:

Let's Talk Strategy:

How To Intentionally Build Influence And Grow Your Career

Staying strategic about your organizational and professional priorities and career growth isn't always easy when you’re busy simply doing your job.

But without a strategic approach, you’re going to continue to feel like you’re overworked, overlooked, and like your work doesn't matter.

Bring Let's Talk Strategy to your organization.

✔ Avoid the mistake that keeps even the most accomplished professionals from making an impact

✔ Make better decisions day to day in order to maintain consistent progress (it's easier than you think!)

✔ Build influence and grow your reach in a way that has others look to you for leadership and thought partnership

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Here's a short video about our approach to leadership development, empowerment, confidence, and career growth.

A Word From Asia



Corporate Strategist

Empowerment Enthusiast

Executive Leadership Coach

Our leadership development programs were created to accelerate your leadership growth, career development, confidence, and resilience in the company of other professional, collaborative, amazing leaders, and I hope you'll join us!

I coach clients to become influential, sought-after leaders based on the understanding that leadership doesn't come from a title or another's validation. Leadership comes from your ability to inspire the best from yourself and others towards a common goal. This means we all have the potential to be great leaders, we just need the tools and mindset.

Your ability to show up and lead authentically and in a way that's unapologetically you will not only enrich your career and life, but it creates a ripple effect that quickly elevates how you lead yourself and your teams, and becomes a wave that impacts the lives of those around you.

Bottom line, I help accomplished professionals become influential, sought-after leaders without overworking, people-pleasing, or selling their souls! - Asia

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