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1. My career and leadership decisions (and actions) are intentional and strategic. some stuff

2. I don’t react to other people’s bad attitudes.

3. I have self-confidence no matter who’s in the room or what’s going wrong.

4. I know exactly what’s important to my organization and how I fit into that.

5. My good work is noticed and acknowledged.

6. I don’t take it personally when my team / partner / client doesn’t do what they’re supposed to do.

7. I have a clear method for course-correcting when things don’t go according to plan.

8. I know exactly where to focus my time to excel in my current role or to get my next promotion.

9. I know what skills to demonstrate and to whom in order to grow my influence.

10. I’m clear about my road-blocks and triggers so they don’t sabotage me.

11. I have a process for identifying and tackling my own blind spots.

12. I have a written strategic plan for my career that informs my monthly, weekly, and daily actions.

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