What Success is Made of

Have you every watched a video where someone is trying to cut down a big tree with an axe? Well if you have, you'll notice that the tree doesn't fall after the first few strikes. It usually takes a series of consistent hits before the strikes begin to have any substantial impact on the tree.

The most curious part is that the last strike that takes the tree down is in not any stronger or more powerful than the first. The only difference is that the impact was amplified by all the effort that came before.

Just like the lumberjack, it doesn't matter how insurmountable a life or career challenge appears, if you decide to keep giving it your best shots, success will follow.

Don't let the absence of immediate victory, whether in life or in an unsupportive work environment, make you throw down "your axe". Shift from reacting to the immediate environment to focusing where it counts, on your more meaningful career and life goals.

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