Value Your Contribution

Have you given up family-time and other important activities to work harder and longer in an attempt to “prove yourself” and convince someone else of your value?

I get it. It’s something professionals think we need to do to validate our worth. We over invest on validation to support our confidence and self esteem. After all, research has proven over time that people who have higher self esteem earn more.

But even the most confident of us can feel our confidence shaken by harshly critical remarks or an ongoing lack acknowledgement.

Worse part is, none of these old methods work to either “prove“ our value or safeguard our confidence.

Invest for positive returns. There are good, supportive people in every environment. Go find them.

And if an overly critical boss is chipping away at your confidence, learn to HANDLE CRITICISM with poise and confidence by watching my latest FREE TRAINING video:

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