Tough Times Won't Last...Tough People Do

Remember the time when there was a pandemic and no one left their homes? This is how I think about circumstances that are particularly negative or challenging when I'm in the thick of it. It's a tool I learned from one of my coaches and it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Thinking about a failure or tough time in the context of a single chapter or moment in my life gives me a sense of its impermanence and fleeting nature and keeps it in context of the bigger picture, even when I'm still trying to push through it.

Times can be tough, frustrating, even tragic. This pandemic is a testament to our fortitude. Just like you're not letting this period in time have the last word or determine what you're capable of, your individual road bumps and failures will not define you, they're just part of your story. In fact, it's the road bumps that remind us we're still on our way and haven't given up.

There is room for drama, failure, tragedy, success, and bliss in ALL of our stories. That includes yours.

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