The Extra Time

This weekend I was coaching an accomplished, brilliant attorney struggling with some of her career priorities. As we talked, the exact steps she needed to take to achieve what she wanted became crystal clear.

We talked about what it would take and she immediately shut down when she decided she didn’t have the extra time to invest.

I dove in and started commiserating with how busy we all are and how there’s just not enough time. And then I caught myself!


I’ve never had less than a dozen possible activities to fill any given moment of the day. Even my drive time. Ever. I commiserated because I still struggle with “no extra time”.

Before having my first child I was “super busy” and had “no extra time”, and then after I had 2 more kids and I was still “super busy” and had "no extra time”.

😵 The “aha” moment was when I realized I use whatever time I have. I never have extra so I decide (or not) to make time for what I truly want.

The worst thing I can imagine is being “super busy” and having “no extra time” for the things I want most in my life. From now on, I’m not “too busy” or without “extra time”, instead I’m just deciding whether I truly want it. No guilt, no angst, just powerfully deciding.

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