Season's Beauty

Winter is here again and so are our coats, scarves and boots. I've been secretly waiting to bring these out and wear them again.

We don't fight winter, we dress for it.

If you consider your life through that lens, what aspects would be more successful and satisfying for you if you chose to prepare vs avoid?

We've all got to brace for the welcome and unwelcome circumstances and seasons otherwise we'll get blown away or find ourselves standing out in the cold in our flip-flops.

It's the preparation for winter that makes it tolerable and even fun... without it we're simply at the mercy of what the next day will bring.

I don't know about you but I'm not particularly fond or empowered by being at someone or something else's mercy.

If you can't choose the weather you can certainly choose how you want to experience it.

I explore what needs to happen to choose how you experience your career at my leadership accelerator workshop. Feel free to join by clicking the link in my bio or go to

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