Remember your Why

I'm not an early bird but on Saturday I got up at 6 to catch an early work out at my old gym. They're offering outdoor classes and that felt about my speed given I've been maintaining physical distancing all year.

I returned this weekend because I'm getting busier every day and I want to be sure I have the energy to show up for my clients, my family, and myself. I got up and out the door because I want to be well . That was my WHY. It was bigger than my desire to stay in my warm bed.

Knowing and focusing on YOUR why can be a strong source of motivation when times are tough or you're sure your boss has, yet again, lost their mind. It keeps you going and focused on what matters when you're faced with obstacles.

In my career, things changed for me when I found MY why even when I was still in a less-than-ideal environment.

To find your why, try on a few questions: How can this current situation benefit my growth? Why did I choose this role to begin with? How can I support others in spite of the challenges?

And as you answer those questions, you’ll start to get clear around your purpose.

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