Reclaim Your Confidence!

You know the feeling when you learn you're being paid $60,000 a year LESS than your male colleague doing the same work? I know from personal experience that there’s no delicate way to put it - IT SUCKS!

At that moment in time our brains do something funny and a little scary, we actually begin to question our worth and try to find reasons why it’s reasonable we’re making so much less. Isn’t that insane??!!

Here’s the take away...

Whether or not an employer, and in this case a toxic workplace, corrects the pay inequity, the key is to not let the financial worth they’ve assigned you define your human value.

They sign your paycheck, but... THEY DON’T SET YOUR WORTH.

Don’t forget who YOU are simply because they’ve lost their way.

And if you're tired of soul crushing, toxic work environments and ready to reclaim your confidence, earning power, and sanity, I offer a free Career Leadership master class where you’ll learn specific and immediate strategies to promote yourself to #CEOofyourCareer in under a week, even if you can't leave your job (which applies to most professionals in the midst of the pandemic).

Click this link to reserve your spot.

Feel free to message me with questions. I want to help you get out of your own way. Work is not supposed to hurt.

Community is everything. You’ve got this!

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