Pillars of Leadership

To a large extent, leaders define the energy and culture in their organizations. This, unfortunately, includes toxic, unsupportive cultures. When mismanagement and toxic leadership come from the top, it's even more important to be a source of kindness and understanding towards those around you. Your supportive outlook and attitude make a disproportionate impact in toxic spaces.

When you learn to shift your focus from what doesn't serve you (your toxic workplace, your boss, the bad attitude of the clerk at the store, etc) and instead focus on how to contribute to someone else's experience, you begin to impact lives. If that's not enough, you get to own your role as leader at any level!

Your shift to be of service may not change the mismanagement or toxic leadership at your organization, but it has a way of providing relief, inclusion, and dignity for those around you, and THAT transforms your experience at work and theirs, even when nothing else changes.

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