On Self-Empowerment

I've worked with otherwise powerful women who have figuaratively and literally lost their way because they thought their only option was to turn a blind-eye to individual or systemic abuse.

What's consistent is that they didn't start down the path of disgrace because they wanted to be baddies but because they thought that resistance could cost them a job they thought was their only option. Someone made them feel that way, and somewhere along the way, they came to believe it.

For some it might be misplaced loyalty to a now-crooked CEO or for others a fantastic but empty title that they're afraid no one else will match - once they bought into their perceived lack of options, they gave away all of their their power.

Know that all your aspirations are valid and waiting for you. Life changed for me when I realized that.

You, and only you, call the shots in your career - so if you're feeling either cornered or uninspired, go out there and create more options.

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