Mind Over Matter

Imagine you woke up to heavy rain and super cold weather on a weekend morning. If you're like me, your first thought might be to crawl back into bed under your warm covers.

Now what if you remember that your biggest client is about to submit the largest order you've ever seen? Your energy shifts instantly, even though nothing has changed. All signs of the "Sunday morning lazies"are gone.

What changed? Your perception. All that changed was the lens through which you chose to see the day.

It's often said that perception is more important than reality. Not because it changes anything about your circumstance but because it alters how you see things which ultimately affects how you react, which goes on to affect your outcomes.

Working in an insupportive environment can be challenging, and having the right perspective can make all the difference.

Your immediate career or life circumstance does not undermine your ultimate destination. It's just a side-trip on your journey.

Keep your eyes on the road ahead and not where you are now.

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