Learn & Grow

As we quickly approach Christmas and I look back at how this year has played out, I'm pretty sure I've grown up a bit during this time.

Little things that used to bother me or that I used to value just don't seem that important to me any more. A rude clerk at a store, a client that didn't show up for a meeting, the opinion of a negative colleague or friend. I've come to place more value on good health, life, supportive friends and coaching to the best of my ability.

Every year I try to revisit what really matters to me and focus on how aligned I am with those priorities. This year in particular was a great one to take stock of how well I'm keeping my priorities front and center.

If you haven't had a chance to take stock of what's truly important to you, let me know. I can help with that.

Feel free to reach out https://calendly.com/bridgewell/strategy-session.

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