Leadership Myth

Ever heard the myth that the leader should have all the answers?

🚫 This myth is responsible for alot of bad bosses and unfulfilled growth opportunities!

We know by now that a good boss surrounds themselves with smart people and let's the team be amazing, but this requires the boss to be intentional about leading themselves and others.

Early in my career I worked with an incredibly talented team of professionals and a senior executive on the team would attempt to "orchestrate" every conversation and interaction team members had with clients throughout the organization.

This was not only a waste of talent and demoralizing to the team, but it got in the way of creating meaningful relationships with clients because there was always a "hidden agenda".

It was an even bigger loss because the enterprise mission was truly inspiring!

They tried increasing salaries and offering "stay bonuses" but it failed because, well, just how much would it take to willingly have YOUR professional relationships and genius zone muzzled?

When an intentional leader hires wisely, EVERYONE on the team flexes their genius zone, including the leader!



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