Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Are your results not what you expected?

Are you missing the mark with your leadership effectiveness or career growth?

It might be your "intangibles".

Intangibles are that unseen quality and energy you bring to a situation. The intention behind your actions.

You know that used car salesperson? You know they're being friendly and interested because they want to sell you a car and not because they find you fascinating (although we're all stunningly fascinating!)

We recognize this inauthentic, creepy vibe and even call it a "used car salesman" vibe!

If you're trying to connect with someone because you want something but pretend it's because you're interested in getting to know them, they will know.

We give off this vibe with our coworkers, clients, partners,and team members and it never goes unnoticed. They always pick it up!

It doesn't matter that you're saying and doing all the right things...

What matters is that your intent doesn't match your actions.

It matters that who you're pretending to be is not who you're actually being.

You're pretending to be interested...

You're actually being SELF-interested.

This icky vibe moves others to a place of resistance and avoidance - and that's usually the opposite reaction you were hoping for!

So check your intentions and your vibe. What's really happening in your brain and how can you get real with it?

It's ok if you're reaching out for a referral or to ask them to work late. Be open about your intent and you'll be received openly.

Our results change when we're real.

Whether it's impatience, imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, arrogance, sensitivity, self doubt - let's get it handled.

Book a free discovery session to learn how to manage those intangibles.

And then, once you have your intangibles handled - FINALLY - all those books, leadership trainings, certificates, and management practices will pay off...

...and you'll get your results.


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