Flexibility Requirement

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

As hard as I find it sometimes, being organized and sticking to my plans keeps me efficient. This worked out the same way when I was an employee as well.

The challenge was, since I worked with multiple stakeholders and was managing my own team, things wouldn't always go according to my plan and others plans needed to be merged with mine.

This makes flexibility an essential part of good leadership. Having the willingness to try new approaches as a leader creates an environment that encourages innovation.

And you know how I feel about innovation. (Hint : Love it!) . Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a repeatable and efficient process, but I'm a sucker for continuous improvement and figure there's always a better way - so when I stayed open to "a better way" it made it easier for other team members to contribute more creative ideas that can be a real benefit to the team.

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