Doubt Only Your Skill

A toxic boss or work environment can leave you questioning your worth and your capabilities. When you begin to doubt yourself, you understandably close yourself off to others... after all, you don't want to open yourself up to any more negativity or abuse.

But as soon as you begin to shrink back, you are effectively handing over your power.

If you remember nothing else, remember this... NEVER doubt yourself. Having said that, you need to check your skills regularly and identify opportunities to build on your strengths or shore up gaps. You can learn whatever there is to learn.

See the difference between doubting yourself and doubting your skills?

You may decide that based on your goals, you want to take a course, get an advanced degree (or three!), join a mastermind group, etc. But the bottom line here is that you get to be deliberate about investing your time and treasure to support your career. You are never "stuck" with what you know now.

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