DAY 3: 5 Ways To Reignite Your Creative Genius At Work (And In Life!)

With kids, anything is possible!

Welcome back to Day 3 of the 5 x 5 x 5 ~ 5-Minutes, 5-Days, 5-Ways ~ Innovation Genius Bootcamp where I share a daily innovation-boosting challenge to combat the dreaded "We've always done it that way" syndrome. Here are the links so you can dive in and catch up if you've missed anything! It's only 5 ninutes after all! Day 0, Day 1. Day 2.

On Day 2, we dove into assumptions and how to use them to expand your creativity and open the door to innovation, today, we’re throwing all constraints out the window!

So let's dive into Day 3!

When you think like a child, your imagination is free and anything is possible. -Criss Angel

Who knew that Criss Angel, the rockstar magician, would be our source of inspiration for Day 3 of the 5x5x5 Innovation Genius Bootcamp?!

Bottom line - with kids, ANYTHING is possible.


While children have limited life experience, they have the privilege of no limiting world view and few pre-existing notions. This is why little ones don’t practice bigotry or dislike people for no reason. Their openness spans beyond people, they are judgement-free when it comes to ideas and possibilities as well. They literally think that they can do anything and that anything is possible.

They don’t assess every experience, person, place, or even food through the lens of “what happened last time” or "what will they think?", and they don’t have old stories to weigh down their creativity.

They don’t care what anybody thinks and they're pretty sure they're part super-hero.

Here’s your Day 3 Innovation Genius challenge:

  • Take 60 seconds and write down everything you’d need to either give up or embrace in order to think like a child. Those are your dreaded creativity-stoppers!

  • Here’s my PARTIAL list of stoppers (ugh!): Ego, fear of what others think, getting it wrong, coming up with something that doesn’t work, doubting my knowledge or lack of knowledge, doubting my experience, it might not be perfect, etc….. (That was only about 30 seconds, but you get the idea!)

  • Take a close look at your list and get familiar with the stoppers that have limited your creativity and self-expression in the past. Do you see a pattern? Mine are all about how I or others might judge me! We humans are pretty simple in some ways and yours might look eerily similar.

  • Whatever your list looks like, sit with it for a while. Visualize showing up and doing your thing with NONE of those stoppers at play. Really let that marinate before the cognitive dissonance kicks in!

Now, you might be thinking that you've noticed your stoppers but this challenge hasn't reprogrammed your stoppers. You're right! But what you've done is even better:

You’ve effectively removed your blinders are are now aware of what you’re allowing to hold you back and limit who you are and how you think.

Because the blinders are off, you now get to CHOOSE.

As you approach a new problem, or maybe the same old problem…. you now have a conscious choice to make:

Will you let your creative genius come out to play, OR will your stoppers keep your creativity in "detention"?

If you can't imagine unleashing your inner-child at work yet, why not start at home? We could all use alot more freedom and joy these days and the kids in your life (old and young) will think you're a super-hero!

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