Control Your Reactions

I love my coffee hot! Anytime I want coffee, I set the pot to brew and go on to multitask while it does its magic.

The brewer works beautifully because it's designed to keep my coffee piping hot but has a thermostat that shuts the warmer down once it gets to a certain temperature, and if it gets too cold it starts warming agin. Pure magic!

To thrive in any environment, particularly a difficult one, you need to be like that thermostat, recognizing when things have gotten too hot or cold so you can choose your response to the situation, and not the other way round.

Are you waiting for someone else's validation to feel good about your work? You know when you've done a good job so applaud yourself! It boosts your self-confidence.

Things "blah" at work? Be the change agent that injects enthusiasm and positive energy into the system. You'll be creating a place for yourself and others to thrive.

When you begin to think and behave like the thermostat, then you won't just be reacting, instead you'll be choosing your response.

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