Collaborate & Contribute

Don't let a toxic environment limit your capacity to collaborate and contribute - look to your clients, your staff, your colleagues, your senior leaders - so many ways to be a contribution even if it's not in your job description.

According to Forbes, bottom-line impact and productivity are the two most valuable contributions that make an employee indispensable.

This makes sense given that every organization requires a combination of cash and efficiency to stay afloat.

It's not news that a toxic workplace results in lower productivity, but it's still an individual choice how and to whom you choose to be a contribution. You can always choose to be a contribution where it will be acknowledged, appreciated, and welcomed.

Making strategic career decisions like how and to whom you will contribute your energy and focus keep you in the driver seat of your career and set you up so that when you eventually decide to transition, either to another job or even to your own company, the culture of collaboration and contribution that is so often lacking in toxic workplaces will not be foreign to you.

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