Change & Evolve

According to Mckinsey Global insight, technology is a key driver in how we're getting our work done. This is even more obvious since the pandemic pushed our use of technology to an entirely new dimension and shattered every pre-conceived notion about what we thought was possible.

Each evolution in technology influenced not only how we worked, but also how we lived. The point here is that every technological innovation often requires a new set of skills to make it work.

We thought we couldn't teach this way, and yet we're teaching. We thought we couldn't learn this way, and yet we're learning. We thought we couldn't work this way, and yet we're working. We thought we couldn't live this way, and yet we're living.

When you're the CEO of your career (which we all are!), you take charge and up-skill as needed to create new options and opportunities, whether the limitations are presented by a pandemic or a toxic boss. Learning keeps you sharp and keeps you in the driver's seat.

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