Challenge the Status Quo

Several times this year I've caught myself wondering when or if things are going to get better. I might even inadvertently focus on what I can't control vs what I can.

If I sit in that space for too long I even start to believe the status quo is all there is.

But once I challenge the status quo with the right mindset, things seem to shift and I stop doing the same thing and expecting a different result. (Sound familiar?)

That's also when I start asking powerful questions like 'How do I need to look at this to have an outcome I want?'

Fyi, this works whether I'm focusing on enterprise transformation or people transformation

And by the way, it's something I need to practice every day because it's not necessarily our human default.

If this resonates with you and you're curious about how to get past your own "human defaults" and challenge the status quo, you might be interested in taking advantage of one of the free 1:1 strategy sessions I'm offering through the end of the year. Visit

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