Career Experience

There is no doubt that having the right work experience can play a role in climbing the career ladder. However maximizing every work experience becomes more important to navigating and achieving your career objectives.

By the way, did you know that the Dr. Benjamin Carson, the world renowned neurosurgeon, author, and politician was once a laboratory assistant back in high school, a mail room clerk, and a crane operator?

From the underrated job roles where you do all the work but get none of the glory, to the high profile opportunities with enormous responsibilities, there is valuable experience in each. Somehow the former prepares you for the latter. Don't you love how that happens?

This is the reason collaborating and contributing in the workplace is a must since they're prerequisites to making the most of a difficult workplace. As you collaborate you develop priceless capabilities, almost without noticing. Those capabilities continue to pay dividends as your career progresses towards what you'd consider the more meaningful experiences.

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