Adapt and Soar Higher

It’s kind of awesome that eagles don’t struggle in a storm, instead they adapt to it and soar higher. Likewise, you can stay on top of your career game when you learn to be adaptable.

Adapting here does not mean accepting or condoning bad behavior or surrendering your power. Nope, it simply means the ability to thrive in any given environment.

Adapting to your environment with a winning mindset enables you to keep focused on what really matters and minimizes the distraction of what doesn’t.

Adaptability allows you to stay creative and effective no matter who you have as a boss. It’s the difference between allowing an unsupportive environment to cost you wellbeing and peace vs reducing it to a minor inconvenience in your otherwise full life.

Adaptability also helps you discern when it's time to leave, you’re the CEO of your career after all!

Don't let the storm ruffle your feathers, soar like the eagle.

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