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Most often when we hear of negotiation, the first thing we think of is something having to do with money. In reality, it extends to all aspects of life that involve any form of human interaction - friendship, work place, family and so on.

Negotiation is simply a means of getting what you want through a dialogue with another. We do it daily at home, like when you promise your kids dessert if they eat all of their vegetables. You've probably noticed kids are amazing negotiators and the word "NO" has no real meaning to them. They plead, whine or shout, depending on who's involved, and all the while keep focused on their goal (candy etc).

However, as adults, we often find it elusive to express and negotiate how we want to be treated or even to ask for basics, like pay equity and opportunities for growth. Here is where it's crucial and where we need to learn from the childhood tactic of making "NO" meaningless, vs letting it mean something about us.

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