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If you are ready to speed up your results and want to discover what partnering with me as your executive coach can do for your path to promotion and leadership effectiveness, you are in the right place!

My purpose (and passion) is to help you grow your leadership effectiveness and create real influence and impact without over-working, people-pleasing, or selling your soul.

It's that simple and it all starts with a conversation.

- Asia

Book your 1:1 strategy session below.

Step 1:

Please watch the 15-minute video below prior to scheduling your strategy session.

This complimentary strategy session is reserved for professionals who want to explore working together and the video provides an introduction to our leadership development approach.

Step 2:

Schedule Your Strategy Session & Complete The Questionnaire

(which includes questions about the video and an opportunity to reflect on your current challenge and goals.).

Step 3:

Here's what to expect in your 1:1 strategy session:

Session Details

In your complimentary strategy session you will meet with me privately via Zoom and we will:

✔ Clarify what’s going on for you, how this is affecting your leadership and career progress, and what you’d like to be different.

✔ Complete a leadership assessment using a custom process to quickly uncover what could be blocking your results: from confidence and imposter syndrome to skill gaps to competing priorities, we’ll dive in and identify what needs to improve and where to start.

✔ Outline a proven plan for for next steps

If it looks like we'd be a great fit to help you achieve your goals, I'll share options for how we can work together further.

It's important to have the right coach and client relationship and this is my way of seeing how I can be of service.

Reminder: This is not a free coaching session, but rather an opportunity to explore working together.

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Thanks for exploring working with me. I coach clients to get promoted faster and see progress on their teams by becoming better leaders.

My executive and leadership coaching services are designed to accelerate your leadership growth, career development, confidence, and resilience.

Bottom line, I help accomplished professionals become influential, sought-after leaders without overworking, people-pleasing, or selling their souls! - Asia

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