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Welcome! I'm Asia

I help 6-figure professionals of color in majority-white organizations to increase their professional opportunities so they can decide how their career unfolds vs having it decided for them.

Working together, we use a proven framework that combines leadership development and career strategy to help you quickly see progress:

  • Institutional barriers and bias

  • Bad bosses

  • Self-doubt and low confidence

  • Stalled job-search

  • Underperforming teams

  • Lack of promotional opportunities

  • Lack of career clarity

  • Interpersonal challenges

Welcome and thanks for exploring working with me.

My purpose (and passion) is to help you embrace the leadership, confidence, and communication skills, to grow your influence & opportunities, make a real impact, and elevate your teams without compromising who you are.

It's that simple and it all starts with a conversation.


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This consultation is an opportunity to explore how we would work together to advance your career growth and leadership development priorities.

Here's what to expect in your 1:1 consultation with me:

Session Details

You will meet with me privately via Zoom and we will:
✔ Clarify what’s going on for you in your leadership and career progress, and what you’d like to be different.

✔ Complete a custom leadership assessment to quickly diagnose what could be blocking your results and what needs to improve, and

✔ We'll dive in and outline a proven plan for working together on next steps.

I'll answer any questions so you can determine whether it makes sense to move forward.

It's important to have the right coach and client relationship and this is my way of seeing how I can be of service.

Give some thought to what you'd like to cover and

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