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Issue 19: Wearing the Six Thinking Hats for Decision Making

May 19, 20242 min read

Issue 19: Wearing the Six Thinking Hats for Decision Making

"The mind is like a parachute; it works best when open."

-Edward de Bono

Welcome to our nineteenth edition!

In this nineteenth edition, we’re trying on the Six Thinking Hats Method by Edward de Bono. It’s an airing designed to streamline group decision-making and problem-solving by trying on unique perspectives or “thinking hats”


  • Introducing the six hats! White (facts, figures), Red (emotions, feelings), Black (cautious, critical), Yellow (optimistic, benefits), Green (creative, possibilities), and Blue (control, organization).

  • Identify a decision you need to make or a problem to solve. Briefly think through or discuss the scenario under each "hat." Focus on ONLY the type of thinking associated with that hat you’re wearing at the moment.

  • Gather insights from each perspective to create a well-rounded view of the decision or problem.

  • Using this more comprehensive view, make the decision or solve the problem knowing you’ve considered different facets of the problem. 

Here’s an example to walk you through deciding between leaving your current director level role to accept a C-level role at a start up:

Why this matters: The Six Thinking Hats method encourages diverse perspectives and comprehensive analysis, leading to more innovative solutions and well-considered decisions. It can’t guarantee success but it increases the likelihood of it!

These next six issues of the Skip-Level Strategies Newsletter are designed to expand your decision-making toolkit.

Each framework offers a unique approach to evaluating options and making informed decisions. Whether you're leading a team, managing a project, or navigating personal choices, these strategies can provide clarity and direction.

Next week's preview

Next, we'll explore "The Art of Self-Awareness," focusing on understanding your own thoughts, motivations, and behaviors. This foundation of personal insight is crucial for effective leadership and meaningful interactions.

Until our next issue, consider how integrating these decision-making frameworks can enhance your leadership effectiveness and personal growth.

Stay curious and decisive,


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