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Issue 26: Transparent Communication

July 07, 20244 min read

Issue 26: Transparent Communication

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said."

Peter Drucker

Welcome to our twenty-sixth edition!

I've spent the last 2 weeks in Sweden and Denmark visiting my husband's relatives. It's been glorious and as always, travel is eye-opening.

I’m swapping our topics around because I’d be remiss if I didn’t make communication this week’s focus given my experience the past couple of weeks. I've spent 2 weeks not understanding most of what's being said + as a parting gift I left Europe with bronchitis and have completely lost my voice.

I'm not one who believes everything happens for a reason but I do believe there's a gift, a lesson, and an opportunity in most things. This one is no exception.

After spending time unable to speak I've gotten to reflect on what it's like to not have a voice.

Not being able to communicate or clarify what I'm thinking or what I mean.

Feeling unheard, misunderstood, and not fully expressed.

I realize how often I don't use the privilege of my voice.

"Stopping for a snack as we take in Old Town Stockholm. The history and beauty are unmatched."

As a business owner it's easy to get lost in offering quick punchy lessons for what I'm told are your limited attention spans - but I'm not so sure that's entirely true. I find our attention is pretty expansive when what we’re communicating is relevant. 

So much communication and often completely missing what's often most relevant and important.

I don't want to do that anymore - not on purpose anyway.

I hope you'll join me as I wipe the slate clean and say more of what there is to say. 

My brain reminds me it’s a risk to be more transparent…

1 ~ Not everyone will like or agree with what I have to say. And...

2 ~ I might not get it right all the time.

Knowing the difference I want to make, I think think it’s worth the trade off:

🔹I'm ok with fewer followers and people hitting the unsubscribe button, and

🔹I'm really good at being wrong and learning from it.

It seems losing my voice has been  serendipitous in helping me find my voice.

So with that, let's help your team find their voice.

We know effective communication is vital for getting anything done, creating support for your intentions and getting your team to work purposefully.

“Waiting for our train from Copenhagen to Hässleholm at the beautiful Copenhagen Central Station.”

Do you ever notice though how often the most annoying and frustrating aspects of a job go unacknowledged and we just learn to live with it? In fact, the boss is often the last to know!

What if we flipped the script, said what there is to say, and stop normalizing nonsense?

Here is one straightforward strategy for transparent communication that will improve trust and team results.


What makes you role your eyes?

One of my former bosses and probably the best boss I ever had, would create opportunities for his team to openly question and disagree. Here's how:

Team gripe session: Our default at work is often to gripe and complain quietly. Instead, add 15 minutes at the end of each department meeting for gripes, complaints, and solutions.

Here's how it might look:

  • Ask "What's making you role your eyes or causing you frustration". Consider starting by sharing your own gripe, even if you don't have a solution yet.

  • Invite them to share the gripe or inefficiency in a way that really paints the picture. What's the impact?

  • Ideas to solve or improve the problem are likely floating around in their heads so encourage them to share and brainstorm with the rest of the team.

You'll often leave the session with a quick fix or two and your team will know, without a doubt, that you're more interested in effectiveness and transparency than "being right" and maintaining the status quo.

Why this matters:

Transparent communication enhances team collaboration, reduces misunderstandings, and increases productivity. By implementing a gripe session, you'll invite a transparent and efficient communication culture within your team.

Next week's preview

Next week, we’ll explore the importance of developing self-compassion to avoid unfair self-judgment and criticism.

Until our next issue, encourage transparent communication with your team and see the positive changes unfold.

Go out there and lead,


PS: Looking to enhance your team’s communication skills? Schedule a consultation to discover how I can help improve collaboration and productivity through effective communication.

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Asia Bribiesca-Hedin

Asia Bribiesca-Hedin, MBA, MPA, CPC, CPCC, Principal Coach and CEO of Bridgewell LLC Professional Services

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