You Promote You

Do you think that you can't get a promotion because of your boss?

Well if you do, you need to hear me out.

While having a boss who believes in you and pushes you to grow can be helpful in climbing that career ladder, the absence of one doesn't need to stop you.

Your boss is not the determinant in your career growth and when you believe they are, you've made the top mistake many of us make in our careers... Looking outside ourselves for confidence, clarity, and purpose.

You and you alone are responsible for your growth and how you navigate the rungs on that career ladder.

Your boss is the anti-christ you say?

Got it.

Now let's explore where and how you can add value and continue to engage and contribute without it having to do with your boss.

There are 6 career success levers that I teach in my program and each one opens doors to opportunities and 5 of them have nothing to do with your boss.

If you need some ideas. Let's talk. Seriously. That's what I'm here for. Just message me.

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