Pay the Price

Wanting to learn and grow is pretty typical, in fact, it's kind of unusual not to.

Paying the price for your next phase of life and career growth when you're in a situation that's "not quite ideal" - pandemic, demon boss, screaming kids homeschooling, iffy employment stability - is a whole nother something else!

To stay on the path to what you define as success means you need to know how to maneuver detours and invest your energy and effort where it yields the greatest returns for your life and goals.

This is not a call for you to start buying courses randomly and it's about being intentional and strategic.

-Is it aligned with your values? Does it bring you peace? How about joy? pride?

-Does it align with the future your company wants? ( And is that what YOU want?)

Give some thought to how you want to grow, and then go for it! As in right now!

Whether you need to go back to school, take an online course, or hire a coach etc YOU need to decide.

I think the best part for me was deciding to live on purpose.

If you've read this far and this resonates with you, here's a little bonus - I'm giving away free 45-minute strategy sessions through the month of December. Grab a spot here

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