Opportunity in Difficulty

Most great inventions and gadgets we now enjoy were born out of a need to create solutions to a challenging period or problem.

From the lightbulb to the cell phone and the microscope, they are all designed to solve a problem.

All these amazing and life transforming inventions were created by people who decided to focus on the solution rather than complain about the problem. They saw opportunity in a difficult time. Their conviction and commitment was to the outcome.

The same applies to life and career. What do you see? Opportunities or difficulties? This is because what you SEE determines what you DO and the RESULT you get.

And guess what! There's a chance we'd still be in the dark if the need for light wasn't "bad enough". It's the problem that sparked the creative genius.

Don't let a challenging circumstance in work or life keep you from spotting the hidden opportunity. Even if it is just a lesson you'd benefit from learning. Reach for your creative genius and explore the problem through a new lens.

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