Focus on Your Purpose

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Serena Williams is undeniably a global superpower in the tennis world. If you have seen her play, you will notice that her eyes are always on the ball. At the same time, her mind tunes out the cheering, shouting and even insults directed her way.

SHE maintains her laser focus on her desired outcome: winning the match. And as you know, she typically does!

Life and career are a lot like that. Everyone and everything is trying to get your attention and distract you from your path. From the toxic boss, to the annoying neighbors, to the "strange" weather, your own self doubt, the list goes on. This is where the ability to keep focused on your ultimate objective and on what you're really here for becomes critical.

Keep your focus on what truly matters. Your current experience is only a snippet in your career and life journey, even when it feels all-consuming.

Let's face it, a dismissive response from an insecure boss may feel like it's center stage, but when you keep your eye on your bigger purpose, everything else is background noise.

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